About Us

We are a family owned and operated car dealership who has served Coronado and the greater San Diego area for over ten years.

We are unique in that we do not operate with a “car lot” which is most dealership’s largest expense. The money we save is passed on to our customers. That’s why we’re able to be more competitive than all of our competitors.

We offer 4 distinct services to make buying a new or used car or selling your car
a hassle free experience!

1. We have a used car inventory.

  • Each car we have in inventory goes through a three inspection process.
  • It first must pass the smog inspection and get a smog certificate.
  • Then we have our reliable certified mechanics inspect the car … checking all safety issues and looking for any issues that may need repair or replacement, including but not limited to oil leaks, brakes, and tires.
  • Finally … we have another person … who has been in the car business for over 40 years … inspect the detail issues of the car, including but not limited to checking the paint and interior upholstery condition, and inspecting features like power seats, air conditioning, power windows, door locks, etc.
  • By the time we are ready to take pictures and advertise the car for sale … each car must pass the “would we sell this to one of our family members” test. Only when we get to that point do we market the car.

2. We buy cars with clean titles whether you buy a car from us or not.

  • We always pay more than our competitors.

3. We sell cars for people.

  • We market your car for 1000’s of dollars above the KBB trade-in value at an agreed upon asking price.
  • We get the car retail ready … which includes having the car inspected for safety purposes, get the smog, and have it detailed. (This costs $350 which is the actual cost for these services)
  • We then take all the pictures, pay for all the advertising and market the car.
  • We’ll sell the car way faster than you can on your own because we are on the job 24/7, we can help with financing, and we’ll take their car in trade to make the deal.
  • Our fee for doing this is $1000 for vehicles under $10,000 or 10% for vehicles over $10,000.

4. We broker new car deals.

  • We do all the haggling for you and even after we are paid our broker’s fee of $750 … our customers tell us that they still got a better price than what they would have after spending days of frustrating negotiating.


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