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We are a family owned and operated car dealership who has served Coronado and the greater San Diego area for over ten years.

We are unique in that we do not operate with a “car lot” which is most dealership’s largest expense. The money we save is passed on to our customers. That’s why we’re able to be more competitive than all of our competitors.

We do three things extremely well:

1. We sell a range of affordable used cars priced at under $6,000. The reason for this target … we know that every family knows someone needing a car like this and because these cars are the hardest to find in good mechanical condition. Every car we purchase is inspected by one mechanic and then repaired by another mechanic at a different shop. This not only keeps our mechanics honest it insures that two sets of eyes look at every car we sell. We would not sell you a car we wouldn’t sell to one of our family members.

On these sales … the price is as advertised.

2. We sell cars for our clients for a very affordable fee. Our clients always net more than they would if they traded the car in. We do all the work and don’t get paid until the car sells. And we’ll sell any car faster than a private party sale because we will take a trade to make the deal work; we are connected with lenders and on the job seven days a week.

Our fee for selling a car is $750 for cars sold under $10,000 and 7.5% for cars sold over $10,000.

3. We broker new car sales. Why spend hours … sometimes days … negotiating with that Franchised Dealer’s salesman? We can do all the haggling for you … and even after we’re paid our broker’s fee … you will get the car for less. Because we do no upselling at the time of signing papers at our office we will have you out the door in 30 minutes. And … once you build a relationship with us you never have to face another car salesman again. We can broker all your new car deals.

Our fee for brokering a new car is $750.